General Tips

  • Label each box as you pack
  • Use packaging materials (cartons, paper, tape and bubble wrap)
  • Do not overfill boxes
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes
  • Pack books flat


  • Handle with care
  • Wrap items individually
  • TVs should be protected with bubble wrap and stored upright
  • Remove batteries to avoid damage to your goods


  • Empty wardrobes, cupboards and drawers
  • Use covers or drop sheets
  • Remove legs from tables / beds etc to save space
  • Clothing and personal items should in secure cartons with mothballs, lavender, naphthalene etc


  • White goods should be clean and dry
  • Fridge/Freezer doors should be secured slightly ajar to air
  • Keep fridges and freezers empty
  • Do not store food

Crockery / Glassware

  • Pack items into smaller cartons
  • Stand platters, saucers, plates etc. on edge
  • Nest bowls and cups
  • Wrap fragile items individually in packing paper (avoid newspaper)
  • Avoid storing heavy items on fragile items
  • When packing, use scrunched up paper/linen to fill any gaps
  • Place a layer of packing at the bottom and top of cartons containing breakables

Vehicles, Mowers & Machinery

  • Drain fuel and oil
  • Disconnect batteries

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